Nature will show what it cares for!

It was March last year and the national lockdown had just begun in India, when Guha saw scores of people, young and old, begging for food and money on the streets. He was almost moved to tears and uttered the following:

I remember UG used to say, "If there is a nuclear holocaust, we will all die but along with us we will take almost all the other forms of life. The only creatures that will survive are the cockroaches." I feel Mother Nature is a great equalizer. After we are gone, it will keep the people we treat like cockroaches, whose lives don't matter to our society, whose health, education, food, clothing and shelter are of no importance to the modern civilization. Those people have never used sanitizer on their hands, never had access to clean drinking water, unlike me, who has been using bottled water for ages. They are the ones who are going to survive. Some of them will die, but we have never cared for their death anyway. They die on the streets in the shanties and ghettos. But they are the ones who are going to come out of this onslaught. If there is a "survival of the fittest", if the theory is right, they are the ones who will survive. We, the so called protected ones, with all the modern technology and everything, are the ones who are going to go kaput in one shot. There is still time for us to ponder and find out what is greater, humanity at large, or our greed for advancement, our greed for knowledge of the universe, our effort to find the fundamental truth or our effort to be immortal. I don't know. But nature doesn't care at all. It'll show us what it cares for. I am in awe of the glory of Mother Nature.

Date: 27th March, 2020
Place: Kolkata, India