My Story

Is The

My life after coming
into the orbit of
Sabyasachi Guha

Photo: Kishor Chopda

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  1. I Found You
  2. Suryodaya
  3. New Beginning
  4. Struck By Lightning
  5. Kidnapped

This book is a work in progress …

I wrote this poem a year and a half after meeting Guha.

I found you in the sunrise
Amidst the chaos of a heaving city
Not in a forest or a cave in the mountains
Neither a sadhu nor a fakir
Without a garb – unguarded, effortless
Wearing an infectious smile
Without a trace of holiness

I found you amidst a crowd of people
Floating like a lotus uncorrupted
Unmindful of the tides of praise or blame
Neither a guru nor a guide
Without claims or promises
A beatific simplicity
A volcanic presence in the lives of the hungry ones

I found you in this oppressive land
Luminous, without the cobwebs of fear
Unbound like lightning
Like a feather
A waterfall in the chasm of despair
Without a second
Singing your own song

March 21, 2018