My life turned into a journey on an express highway when I accidentally met a man named Sabyasachi Guha three and a half years ago. Today, I somehow feel compelled to tell the story of my life-changing discovery of this Unknown Sage.

To me, the very existence of this rare man is proof of life’s triumph over thought-fueled human misery. Guha’s simple and burdenless living is so powerful that it ignites other lives around it. This energy, this living contact is not an idea or fiction. I see the exhibition of its transformative power in the way my life turned around after I met him. He focused a scorching light on my unresolved thought movements which had previously lead to dysfunctional living. In him I found the unmistakeable signature of a solution that could address my deep existential crisis. Since then, every movement in my life under Guha’s wings has been towards fearlessly shedding all that is unnecessary. The earth-shattering attraction that I feel for him, has left little space for any distraction. It is a fact. 

This is perhaps a slice of life’s own way of navigating through countless challenges to find its own stable ground and expression. As I get a taste of this rejuvenating movement, I experience a high I never knew existed before. I am in awe of the power of life’s energy that emanates from Guha and mercilessly burns down everything that is an obstacle to its own integral health and flowering. This burning is an actual physical phenomenon; the heat in my own body is often unbearable. This unleashed energy, in my experience, is an antidote for our misery, self-created agony and dissatisfaction. It would be impossible for me to conjure up anything like this even if I used all my power of imagination from the past, present and future put together! 

In Guha I see a stability undisturbed by the ripples of information which constantly bombard our brain and generate cyclical highs and lows. I have never seen him make a single false move in any direction. The energy drain that we suffer from is absent in him. The way he lives is a lesson for us to sort out our wants and address our needs appropriately.

Tanusri Chatterjee
April 2020

Princeton, USA, October 2018

When the way you think and the way you live become one, then you can exist with minimum conflict in the society and attain a state of equilibrium with life around you.