The Corona Diaries

A personal account of my days in isolation with Sabyasachi Guha during the COVID pandemic

I first published entries from this diary on the internet on July 28th, 2020 from Kolkata, when I was in total isolation with Sabyasachi Guha owing to the national lockdown in India. The lockdown extended to more than 5 months, and I felt like the luckiest person on planet Earth to have the uninterrupted company of the rarest and the most complete human being I have ever met. Guha inspired and encouraged me to keep a journal of my time with him during this extraordinarily fortuitous seclusion. That is how The Corona Diaries (TC Diaries) was born.

Cover Photo: The painting is titled “It’s Over, Nothing Remains to Search”, which is also the opening line of Guha’s poem Litany Of A Mad Man. The artist is my dear friend Carol Sweatman from South Carolina, USA, who met Guha many years ago. She took to painting only a couple of years back, when Guha saw something in her and encouraged her to get busy with the paintbrush! Carol was then 78. She has since produced more than 300 paintings and is still going great guns, kicking up a storm on her canvas!

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