The Corona Diaries

Handmade Home, Kolkata 
10:12 pm

Yesterday was a lunar eclipse. Nandini and Julie reminded us about it. Julie said it was a rare eclipse that happens once in 300 years. 

G said he had trouble sleeping last night. His glands were talking, he mentioned. He woke up with a mild headache and later he was hot and felt slightly feverish and his eyes burned. He kept all the ACs on, which is very rare because he doesn’t like ACs unless it gets unbearably hot. His heat tolerance is extremely high. 


I have a headache since yesterday and my appetite is poor. I skipped breakfast yesterday and today. After coming back from walk in the morning, I got knocked out for a while. It was one of those waking sleeps with the mind in suspended animation, thoughts appearing and disappearing like light smoke, eyes glued shut, ears hearing everything, body paralyzed, limbs charged. Today there was an acute pressure inside the center of my head. It held me captive and motionless. I could hear him doing dishes and other chores but I couldn’t move. A little later I woke up with great difficulty and felt extremely dizzy. After lunch I felt drowsy again and went to bed. I conked out for more than 2 hours. I woke up with that same pressure and headache. It left me only just before dinner.

We have been busy preparing for tomorrow’s big zoom meeting. Slideshows, translations, videos, photos, songs etc. G said “All this started happening because of you”. 


Time flies. I don’t bother about time unless I have to get something done. Without thought there’s no way to measure time.


Suman babu came to see us early morning today. G invited him for coffee and breakfast. Suman has millions questions. He is well read and scholarly and actually brings out a lot from G. He has chased sadhus, and religious people for decades and read endlessly about spirituality. His head is full of these things. G talked to him in pure and pristine Bengali for an hour, explaining the most fundamental human problems and their source. I recorded the whole thing in audio and video. I can see that Suman doesn’t somehow realize how rare G is and how he functions. Suman treats him like a learned man who’s company is enjoyable. The tons of images of holy men that have clogged his head don’t let him see the powerful simplicity and conflict-free essence of G. That’s SSFR.