The Corona Diaries

5:06 am

G to Radhika on Facetime: “It is like you are looking at a fruit and saying I want it. That doesn’t work. If you want it, you have to get it. The fruit doesn’t have a mind, it doesn’t care who eats it. It is there to be eaten and for the seeds to be spread. Whoever eats it has to spread the seeds, that’s the law of Nature. But both of them do it unknowingly.”

12:21 pm
Handmade Home, Kolkata

The house is full of people like it used to be before the lockdown began. Kishor and Sanjiv arrived yesterday afternoon. I arranged for two rooms for them in another apartment, which is a ten mins walk from our’s. Balaram babu has been visiting everyday and cooking for us. The kitchen is buzzing with activity today with Balaram and Sanjiv cooking for ten people. 


Day before yesterday he talked for sometime to me and then we started laughing and having fun. Then he shook my hand and said softly, “Your palm is acquiring a different texture, a different quality.”

Whitefield, Bangalore 

We left Kolkata on the 25th and came to Bangalore. It’s now been a year since he arrived in India. He sent Karan and Rahul back to Delhi. They will join us again on 30th, then we will drive to Pondy on 1st Nov. We have booked Sovereign for two months. Venky is coming back from Sagar today. 


We have a cook here who makes delicious meals. She is Bengali. For some reason G has been throwing up after all meals here, except breakfast. This never happened in Kolkata. 


Today is Sanjiv’s birthday and we are going to have a big zoom party in the evening. Karthik, Venky’s friend, is bringing a cake. He is a sweet young man just out of college and very hardworking.


The weather in Bangalore is dry and slightly chill, which does not suit G. He got a bad cold the very first day and Venky had to arrange for a room heater for him the day after. I got alarmed seeing him sick after a very long time. He has decided to go to Pondy a week sooner than planned. 


He has constantly been on the phone since we arrived in Bangalore. Too many people are drawing his attention. The lady from Canada has apparently flipped her lid. She has bizarre delusions about herself and G’s impact on her. Her imagination is running riot. Anyway, he is infinitely patient and deals with different people differently.

Whitefield, Bangalore

I met him 4 years ago on this day in Kolkata.