The Corona Diaries


Rahul and Karan arrived on the 3rd from Delhi. Two young boys from Liverpool have recently discovered G and seem gung ho about him. They are twins. They have attended three zoom calls as of now.


It is likely that he will stay the entire September in India. But nothing is confirmed yet. 

I haven’t been writing much lately. 

9:35 am

Venky came on the night of 24th. He has set up a temporary recording studio here! G just recorded Mor Bhabonare and it was great fun! After finishing he got up from his seat and I sat on it to begin my recording. The seat was toasty warm! He said he felt intoxicated while singing. “Now the seat is like the mother’s womb!”, he added. I re-recorded the Bengali UG song He Tumi Nirgun. It sounded amazing.

6:26 am

We sang songs and made merry till 10:30 in the night yesterday. The atmosphere was electric and intoxicating. G himself was drunk and high listening to his own voice. We all plugged in our headphones to a star-shaped extension and listened to recordings from Venky’s computer where he edits the songs.


All the three boys are easy-going. They make good housemates. They work in the kitchen and are eager to help in every way possible. Karan is spending a lot of money. I tell him “You are not a Sindhi!”, because Sindhis are known to be miserly. G always says, if there are more than 5-6 people around him, the group dynamics become complicated. So, five is the right number it seems. There’s a Kabir song which goes “Baba jogi ek akela … panch jana ki jamat chalawe taas guru mein chela”. G often refers to this song. 


Yesterday night a friend got rebuked for wasting too much water to wash a few dishes and cups. Actually it was for the others too. The friend sat squirming in his seat and said, “Oh my god, what did I do?!” He looked visibly shaken. G kept going at him for some more time, then stopped and started joking. Then he narrated in a step-by-step manner how he could shower with half a bucket of water. It was a lesson for all of us. We are seldom aware of our deep-seated conditionings and fears. The only way to see them is when they come out. Once G said, “My aim, so to say, is to bring out the conflicts and if someone is serious, he or she will see and probably become aware of them. That’s all one can do.”


Some plumbing problem has been bothering us since a couple of days. We don’t have a drop of water in the house today. Nitish Babu’s wife is supposed to come and cook lunch for us today, not sure how that’s going to go without any water in the kitchen. Balaram came yesterday afternoon just as we were leaving for South City Mall. G treated us to lunch at Mainland China! Balaram is visiting after 6 months. He looked very happy. He stayed till late and cooked dinner for us. He and Karan danced to G’s Tagore song “Tar hathe chilo.”


Yesterday around 7 or 7:30 pm as we were sitting and joking with G in the living room, the lower back of my head and neck started paining mildly. Then my thoughts slowed down and my eyes closed. I sat alert and still for a long time as the others chit chatted. My head was still inside with no thoughts arising. 


8:04 am

G is telling RI on FaceTime, “I am surrounded by exotic nuts! These guys here are driving me nuts!”


7:29 pm

He said the following:

“We all have tremendous energy, but it is not to achieve anything. It is for itself by itself.”

“The brain is a highly organised system. For the sake of its own survival it has the tendency to decipher causal connections in Nature. It is able to do this because of the highly logical nature of its own organisation and neural connections. Nothing is without purpose in its functionality. It is not because some external power gifted this capacity to humans. It has evolved on its own to survive in a highly complex environment and it is still here after millions of years. That is a testimony of life’s power!”


10 pm

G is interpreting Patanjali’s Yogasutra on zoom. He is saying, “Unresolved conditioning is the cause of distraction.”