When it comes to Reality, nobody can help

In this brief talk Guha focuses a scorching light on our gullibility that makes us believe there is a Reality, it is possible to know it, and that knowledge will set us free. 

“You don’t know anything, but you can’t accept that. You think you are going to understand something someday, so you keep playing the same game that perpetuates information gathering. You think I am joking? When I don’t need a building, of what use is an architect for me? Why do I need a lawyer if I haven’t done anything wrong? What is my equation with them? When it comes to reality, nobody can help. There is nothing to know, nothing to understand. Only when you are cornered, you will have to admit you really don’t know. Don’t believe anyone who says they know. Nobody knows anything. Philosophers will give you many definitions to make you understand the nature of reality, psychologists will explain the nature of your mind. You don’t have any clue about yourself, so you believe all those who claim to know. 

We have no choice but to operate within the legal boundaries set up by the society. You can’t walk naked. But the holy men and the sadhus can. They can get away with anything. They lock up and chain their penis to control it! What control? You have been told these things are bad. Eating meat and having sex are bad. 

Just because you write a little bit of poetry describing Nature and Reality, it means nothing, it’s only in your head, it has got nothing to do with the way things are actually operating. First you fool yourself, then you fool others. It’s uncomfortable to say “I don’t know”. But that’s the only reality. Somebody here was talking about a ghost buster, a guy who looks for ghosts. How can you look for something that doesn’t exist? Your situation is exactly like that.”

October 13, 2021
Princeton, New Jersey, USA

Photo: Radhika Venugopal