The Oasis Song

I wrote, composed and sang this song during the Corona lockdown when I was in Kolkata with Guha in 2019. My friend Venkatesh DC (Venky), who is an accomplished musician, did the music arrangement in his studio in Bengaluru.

I had given up singing and music for 13 years when I met Guha in October 2016. I was completely out of practice and my voice was shaky and hoarse. He soon found out that I was a trained singer and started encouraging me to sing. He would make me sing in front of his friends very often and announce to everybody how good I was. I noticed he would close his eyes and conk out every time I sang. He would tell me, “You have something in your voice. You start singing, I close my eyes and I am out.” Since then I have recorded numerous songs. My voice, as I know it, has never sounded better.


It is an oasis in the desert of humanity
I stumbled upon by chance, that took away my misery
In the desert of humanity ... it is an oasis

When I was suffering
I didn't know what I was missing
I know not what happened to me
Other than his company
In the desert of humanity ... it is an oasis

This seclusion magnificent!
Oh what a resonance!
Each cell, each neuron singing its own song
I am the greatest witness of this cosmic symphony
No one can hold a candle to it
Not even Bach or Beethoven

Now you see what I mean when I say
I am in love with Nature 
And its protege, Oh G!