Fire will burn

G is like a massive full-blown flower intoxicating us with his life-giving nectar and fragrance that nourishes and sustains. The deeper I go into things, seeing them in the light of his living and functioning, the more I feel unburdened. I feel stable and confident. How over the last four and a half years, by just being in his company, not meditating, not practising anything, not following any discipline, I feel I have my two feet on the ground, remarkably free from the massive burden of sorrow and self-generated agony that used to bother me since a very young age. The big hollow inside me that used to eat up and drain all my energy till I met him, has been filled to the brim with his living essence. There’s little room left for things that are not necessary or congenial for me to live and function in this complex world of people and ideas. His presence does not allow my conditionings to gather steam and gain momentum. That is how they begin to lose their iron-grip. It is the very nature and property of the order that is functioning in him. For the sense of self, it is akin to playing with fire. If it continues to engage with the fire, it will get burnt for sure.