Phone conversation dated 22nd July, 2018:

Tanusri: I feel you are the most auspicious thing in my life. I don’t need anything else.

Guha: If you feel that way, then it is so. The thing that deeply desires your well-being is indeed auspicious. What else is necessary outside of this?

T: Nothing! I heard today is Guru Poornima …

G: I am your friend, a true friend. What has the guru business got to do with us?!

T: I am dying to see you. Why do I have to stay away from you? It is unbearable.

G: What can I say? I have no money and no property!

T: I don’t need anything. Whatever savings I have can take of my basic needs. I don’t care what will happen in the future. You are living amongst us, and this is the most important thing for me right now. Moreover, I have seen that whatever you need somehow materializes on its own!

G: You have only been thinking of how to take care of this old man! Isn’t it? Everybody wants something – nirvana, self-knowledge and so many other things.

T: You have given me everything without my ever having to ask! What you are is impossible to know. If ever anyone gets even a hint of it, he or she will go crazy!

G: Hey! I am nobody. I am just an ordinary guy. I am glad that I found a friend like you.

Later …

G: I want to show you something. I wrote this message to someone who was trying to give me a hard time.
“The moment your action shows any respect for my spirit, I have no choice but to take you along with me. But don’t think I can’t move without you. No matter what dirty trick you play. Nothing can stop me. No promise of heaven or prosperity means anything to me. It’s my indomitable spirit that has pushed me all through, and it will prevail over my dead body. You mark my words, I will never compromise with anything!”

T: That’s a lion’s roar!

G: If I become friendly with people, they start thinking I need them and they are indispensable. They think they can control me. It doesn’t work here and they get a rude shock. 

In Pune