Song – homage to Tagore

My mom wanted me to record this song for her on the occasion of Tagore’s 160th birth anniversary on 9th May 2021. This song was composed by Tagore in 1889. Music arrangement and keyboards by Venky.


In these torrential rains I can talk to you
In this dense darkness devoid of light, as the clouds rumble
I can open my heart to you.

No one will hear these words
It is desolate all around
Just the two of us facing each other, burdened with intense sorrow
The sky pouring down in incessant torrents 
There is no one else in the world.

The society and the world are false 
The clamour of life is meaningless
My eyes drink the nectar from your eyes, the two hearts feel each other
All else is wiped out in the dark.

If it eases my burden, whom will it hurt?
During the rains in a quiet corner 
If I whisper a few words to you
Who would care?

The winds are restless today 
Flashes of lightning criss cross the sky
What I wanted to tell you all my life, yet couldn't
Can be said today, in this downpour.