A note on U.G.

Guha’s friend the Bangladeshi poet Nannu Mahbub approached him in 2012 with a request to write a piece in Bengali on U.G. It was published as the preface in Nannu’s Bengali translation of U.G’s book Thought Is Your Enemy. When I read it years later, I found Guha’s expression in his mother tongue so unique and poetic that I decided to translate it to English.

U.G. Krishnamurti was a personality whose expression bore the unique rhythm of Nature. When I recollect and relive my experiences from the many years I spent with him, I feel as if thousands of flowers are in bloom amidst the wild green grass covering the mountain slopes and the valleys stretching to the horizon.

The superhuman effort to find a solution for the problems in his life brought about a burning discrimination in U.G. His uncompromising mentality gave rise to immense inward courage and determination. While traversing the path of life, an acausal, calamitous event struck him, out of which was born a living solution. The proof of the existence of Nature’s symbiotic equilibrium became palpable in all his movements. If we can approach his conversations with an open mind, then perhaps that living melody will begin to play in every chord in our body. When thought-driven desires create a dissonance in the natural rhythm of an individual, problems begin. The imperceptible feeling underlying this aspect can be called ‘Thought is your enemy’.

Rooted in this inconceivable space, U.G. was mingling with the people of the world, regardless of their caste, colour, religion, economic status or talent. His conversations are pregnant with pointers that can help us go to the root of our problems and give us the courage and determination to reject everything that does not work in our lives.

Sabyasachi Guha